Beer at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport: Belle Tokyo Beer Bar


Haneda International Airport is Tokyo’s city airport and when compared to the bigger, busier Narita airport, it is much more convenient. It is reachable by JR Rail (Green, Yamanote Line) and the Tokyo Monorail combo (connects at Hamamatsucho station). Both are good with JR Rail passes. Compare that to the long haul out to Narita for about 1.5 hours. Services are better here too and there’s free WiFi (not to mention perhaps the most impressive restrooms you’ll ever see).

However, the restaurant selection in the International Terminal is not much. Nothing of the international cuisines or fast food, just mediocre noodle-style outfits and some marginal machine-made coffee. So I was hopeful when I saw Belle Tokyo Beer Bar on the map.

Just past immigration, on the right side beyond a currency exchange and tucked into a corner is this airport lounge. There are snacks, coffee, and desserts, even a few whiskies and other liquors. But beer bar might be a stretch. The beer menu is limited to the giant factory brews: Asahi, Suntory Premium Malt, Yebisu, Kirin and well, Guinness anyway, at 700 yen. A pity in a country with a still small but very decent craft brewing scene. Best do your drinking before the airport at any one of the awesome Tokyo craft beer bars. Don’t miss Popeye and its 72 taps.

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