Sprecher Beer Pairings: Thursday Night Tapas and Beer


Sprecher, a nationally known Wisconsin brewer — their Black Bavarian is one of my favorites and is one of several that consistently gets mentions in various publications — has been offering special beer and cheese pairings for some time now. They’ve been very popular and there are some fans who have already been through the rotation a few times. What to do? Repeat the cheeses??

As much as I am cool with that idea (I love cheese as much as beer), Sprecher decided to add another option. They just introduced Thursday Night Tapas and Beer.


This is a chance for the beer lover to explore the complexity and variety of beers and how they get along with a wide variety of flavors. Tapas and Beer lines up 12 of Sprecher’s beers with 12 small plates of munchable sizes of 5 or 6 items per plate. See how a bit of black licorice works with similar hints of that flavor in an imperial stout. How does a bacon praline or some gorgonzola go along with their Abbey Triple? (Very well, in fact.) The selections span the tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. And the beers go from the light to the dark side, session beers to high octane.


The food items range widely (havarti cheese with horseradish, pickled beets, a dried fig, warm pistachios, turkey jerky, fresh grapefruit) and though you may not like every one of the approximately 75-80 tapas (see ‘pickled beets’ for me), you are definitely going to examine flavor elements in your beers that perhaps you never noticed before and pairings you may have never imagined.

These two-hour events (from 6-8pm on Thursdays) require reservations and cost $30 per person. Call 414-964-2739 to get in on the next round.

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