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Arm Chair Beer Travel You can’t always drive, fly, swim, or crawl to where the beer is coming from, so sometimes you have to let the beer come to you. When I am not on trips to far away brands, I head over to my local liquor store (or beer bar) to find a little somethin’ somethin’ I haven’t drunk before.

It’s been below zero now for way too long here in Wisconsin, and the snow may be giving the blues to more than a few of us. But there is a bit of sunshine in a bottle and it recently arrived in Wisconsin. Kona Brewing started distributing in the Badger State and is now available in a number of cities, including Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay. For most that will mean Longboard Island Lager in cans or bottles, plus some draft accounts, as well as Big Wave Golden Ale and Fire Rock Pale Ale.


But I confess I was most excited about their Aloha Series seasonal beers. The first one on deck for spring is Koko Brown Ale, a nice malty brew with toasted coconut in it. I’ve had a sample of it. Coconut fans should love it; doubters should try it. I wasn’t sure I’d be too keen on coconut but the toasted character of it blends well with the malt and isn’t overpowering nor too sweet. This won’t be the last time I have it, that’s for sure.

2014 marks Kona Brewing’s 20th anniversary, and if you are inclined to celebrate, their beer is now available in 40 states. Use the Kona Beer Locator to find some.

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